GG Bots Adventures (Multiplayer)

Play Test Live! (Demo / Alpha) (NFT Gated)

Example Gameplay Here (TESTING ONLY – skips NFT Gate):

  • Play 2 Earn Bots for upcoming Games (see demo video below – Retro Roguelike /RPG!)
  • Owning a GG Bot will unlock earning in game (as well as partner NFTs – Kitty Cones for example).
  • Higher Level of NFT will Grant Advanced Stats and Earning Action Points (EAP)
  • NFTS can be leveled up in the future (random starting point Levels 1-10)
  • More Game Play Logic will be added as well as SubMaps (Towns, Dungeons, Castles, etc)
Under Development (Game Play Preview) – Retro / Classic / RogueLike / RPG

Thank you for your support! All funds raised go towards game development and to build up player treasury funds.

These collections will grant access as well!

(contact me if your the owner of a collection and want access as well or integration)

Earning Game Mechanic (Collections)

Redeem this Golden Treasure box found in the game worlds (air dropped during play) and earn 5% of the current treasury (smart contract balance)

For example if the treasury holds $100 and you burn the NFT (gone forever) you will earn $5.00 in return (direct from the contract).

The contract(s) treasury balance will go up and down based on game revenues and player redeems.

The airdrop mechanic in Still in Development (almost ready).

So stay tuned and check back here when redeem/burn is ready and treasure boxes are dropping!