• NFT Generation (5k, 10k …)
  • Smart Contract (ETH, Polygon)
  • Game Development (Unity, Phaser, Cocos Creator, Monogame)
  • 2D / 3D Game or NFT Creation

Projects In Development

Kitty Cones NFT Online Game (Coming Soon in 2022)

TBD 🙂 – One Kitty Cone NFT will be require to play – see

Dread Zone Bots NFTs and Online Game (Coming Soon in 2022)

Fearsome bots for a Crypto Game Project – 100K Max to mint (Price 10 POLYGON (MATIC)).

These are meant to be use in an online multiplayer strategy game in the works. You will be required to own at least one to play. Note: Higher Bot Rank (1-10) on the background means it will be stronger in the game. V2 is the correct version (Future versions may be released and announced here). This will be a Play 2 Earn game where you can earn more NFTs by playing (possibly more Bots, Items, Weapons, etc… TBD). By purchasing you will be supporting the games development! Thanks!

Mint Page (Available now)

Buy Asset Bundles here!

Portfolio Examples

Ice Turtle NFTs

Kitty Cones 5,555 Generative NFT Collection

Kitty Cones Arcade (New Unity IOS Version for Client)

KidiStartup (Built Phaser/Pixi.js Game Editor for client)

WCUSi Website (WordPress Website / Customized) (website no longer available – Multiplayer / / Node.js HTML5 / Pixi.js Game)

Instant Art Creator (Custom tool to mix up art)

Tower Defense Template (HTML5 Template)