Generative NFT

Here are the steps you need to to Launch your own 5K, 10K, … NFT Project!

If you like we can handle the whole process for you.
From artwork outsourcing, random generation, contract setup, and website


  • Discord – Start building your own community or team up with existing ones
  • Twitter – Gain followers or team up with existing communities that may be interested in buying your NFTs
  • Other Social Media, or Email Marketing

Note: We do not provide marketing for your projects


Create Folders with your PNG artwork to generate with (Keep the same size for all like 2000 x 2000), Usually this is 5 Folders (Layers) or so

— 1.png
— 2.png
— 3.png
— 1.png
— 2.png
— 3.png

Create Names and Rarities of each PNG file (in a spreadsheet is best)

– Layer1 (Backgrounds)
— 1, Sunny Day, 10%
— 2, Rainy Day, 5%
— …
– Layer2 (Body)
— 1, Strong, 20%
— 1, Weak, 3%
— …
– Layer(…)

Next Steps

  • Create a Pinata Cloud Picnic Account (Gateway is needed so no traffic is ever limited when reading NFTs)
  • Generate the Images and Metadata for your project (We can do this for you, no problem!)
  • This can be PNGs/GIFs/etc and JSON metadata should be using your rarity
  • If you have 1:1 NFTs please mix into random locations and update their metadata
  • IMPORTANT Verify your metadata traits match generated images properly
  • Upload the PNGs/GIFS/etc first as a Folder to Pinata (Copy your CID for the Folder)
  • Change all your JSON metadata files with your own gateway and folder CID like this using your gateway
  • — “image”: “ CID HERE)/1.png”,
  • IMPORTANT Verify Metadata image links work properly (10.json has 10.png and is readable in browser)
  • Uplolad the Metatdata as a Folder to Pinata (Copy your CID for the folder to be used in the Contract URL)
  • Upload a Hidden.png (or .gif) and Hidden.json to pinata as well if your not revealing your project yet and want to use that first.

Contract Information (Uses ERC721A – Gas Optimized)

  1. We customize and setup the smart contract and deploy for you!
  2. Provide Owner ETH Wallet Address (Use Coinbase Browser Wallet Address for admin functions like withdrawals, reveal etc..)
    • – Only this wallet can control contract (I transfer ownership to this after deployment)
  3. Provide Withdraw Address (will be locked into contract so all withdrawals go here can be any address like coinbase, metamask,etc..)
  4. Price for your NFTS like
    • – Presale = 0.1 ETH
    • – Public = 0.5 ETH
  5. Presale (Merkle Allow List) Wallets (if doing a presale)
  6. Presale and Public Wallet Mint Limits (2 per wallet, or 10 per wallet. Usually public is any amount)
  7. How many NFTs to make like 5K or 10K etc… (will be locked in project)
  8. Name of Collection like “Magical Collection” etc.. (will be locked in project)
  9. Symbol of Collection like “MGCVA” etc.. (will be locked in project)
  10. Hidden Metadata JSON URL (from CID and gateway) – uploaded on Pinata
  11. Base Metadata JSON Folder URL (from CID and gateway) –
    • UPDATE this On Public SALE Day ONLY – So its not visible earlier in contract (using Admin Page)
  12. Provide website for Mint Page and Admin (WordPress, Godaddy, etc..) – I need FTP or SFTP access


  • Contract can be deployed at anytime (Artwork does not need to be ready, just hidden placeholder)
  • Presale and Public Sale can be turned on/off at anytime (default is off, until your ready to launch).
  • Presale Allow list can be changed anytime but ideally it is uploaded once beforehand.
  • Pricing/Limits for Presale and Public can be changed, but ideally its set once as well.
  • Ownership can be changed but not Withdraw Address. Everything else cannot be changed in the contract.
  • Reveal your collection whenever you like! (Doing a reveal is optional)
  • Note: Once you Reveal the collection (all tokens will be visible on chain, even if not minted out yet)


  • You must provide All Artwork, Naming, Rarities
    • (contact us if you need artwork outsourced for you, cost varies) – Try Upwork or Fiverr as an idea to find an artist
  • We will randomly generate your Graphics/JSON Metadata (I use Python Scripting) (Optional)
  • We provide a Customized Contract along with Deployment
  • Mint Page – Works with MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet Connect
  • Admin Page – Locked to your Owner Wallet Address (Only you can interact with ownership functions on the contract)
    • Recommended to use Coinbase Browser Wallet
  • Support on Launch Day! (Revealing NFTs, etc)

Option #1: $2,500 + (1%-10% of Contract Sales)

  • $500 is for cost to deploy smart contract (May change due to ETH Price)
    • – No Cost on Polygon (better for games, but Art should be on ETH)
  • $2,000 portion can be paid on launch day (Presale or Public sale, whichever is first, using sales to pay is fine)
  • Percentage is based on Mint Pricing (Negotiable)

Option #2: $500 Cost + (10-20% of Contract Sales)

  • $500 is for cost to deploy smart contract (May change due to ETH Price)
    • – No Cost on Polygon (better for games, but Art should be on ETH)
  • Percentage is based on Mint Pricing (Negotiable)
  • Save money upfront, but pay higher percentage!

Option #3: $0 Cost + (10-30% of Contract Sales)

  • Percentage is based on Mint Pricing (Negotiable)
  • Save money upfront, but pay highest percentage!
  • Contact us to discuss and get approved!