2D Top Down Character Bundle with Game Engine Examples (Version 2)


– A Huge Bundle of 2D Characters for your games! (Same Characters as Version 1) –

136 Flash Animated Characters (Animate CC) with sprite sheets!!

2048 x 8029 Spritesheet Size – 512 x 512 frames

– Smaller frame sizes 128×128 and 64×64 are in unity project as well for use.

You can use these for tons of game ideas (platform, tower defense, rpg, etc…).

Characters are in 4 Views (up, down, left, right) and 4 animations Idle, Walk, Attack, Death.

Version 2 Includes:

  • Unity Example Project! Requires Unity Version 2021.2.18f1+
  • Godot Mono (C#) Example Project! Requires Godot 3.4.4 Mono
  • Godot Standard (GDScript) Example Project! Requires Godot 3.4.4 Standard/Steam
  • Phaser (JavaScript) Example Project! Requires Phaser 3.x
  • Cocos Creator 3.5 (Typescript) Example Project! Requires Cocos Creator 3.5.2

Demo Here

Coming soon! Unity example integration will be available in Unity Asset Store once approved!

License Info:

  • Can be used in games/apps/websites or marketing purposes.
  • No resale or NFT rights allowed.
  • Please contact me for other uses.

Buy here as well: https://iceturtlestudios.itch.io/