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Pinball Brick Sets!

Update for 2019 NW Pinball Show:

New Mini Kits and more Starter Kits available soon, Please contact me if your interested in ordering (Contact Page)

2019 Mini Boards $75.00 + ($15.00 Shipping) = $90.00 Total (Or Best Offer)

  • 12″ x 24″ Size
  • 5 Bags of Tiles (Generic brand) or Lego Brand included (let me know what colors or types you like)
  • 3 Different balls (Metal, Acryllic, Wood) 3/4″
  • Wood Case / 2 baseplates 32×32 (Generic brand)
  • 2 Flipper Assemblies (Built in)
  • 1 Shooter Assembly (Built in)

Starter Kits $25.00 + ($5.00 Shipping) = $30.00 (Or Best Offer)

  • 2 Flipper Assemblies (Built in)
  • 1 Shooter Assembly (Built in)
  • Two Pinball Buttons
  • Two Acryllic 1″ Balls
  • Rubber Bands

From 2018  Below >>>

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (

Available now on Ebay! See details below


LOCAL PICKUP Spokane or Seattle WA – USA ONLY (See possible Shipping Scenario at the Bottom)

Have you ever dreamed of having your own pinball machine that you could customize endlessly? Well its here now and ready to order!

  • Basic Mechanical working Pinball
  • Working Shooter and Flippers! (Kid tested and approved at the North West Pinball Show!)
  • 40″ x 20″ Playfield (just about like a normal pinball machine size)
  • Setup and Expand however you like!
  • Bounces all over the place (use the rubber bands for maximum effect)
  • Portable and LightWeight
  • Very Educational (helps little engineers do some creative stuff)
  • Hours of fun, getting bored, rebuild it!

Warnings: Choking Hazard for 3 Years of age for Small Brick Parts. Also watch out that you don’t make a ramp and the ball goes flying off (Yes been there done that). Build wisely!

Made with a mix of Lego and Compatible Parts (see below)

Kit Includes:

(1) – 40″ x 20″ Wood Board (1/2″ Thick)
(8) – 32×32 Brick Compatible Plates – Bonded to the board (Green, other color options are available – Blue, Grey, let me know..)
(2) – Flipper Assembly (Lego Parts, Pinball Rubber, Rubber Band, Red Buttons for Mounting)
(1) – Shooter Assembly (Lego Parts and Metal Spring)
(1) – Plexiglass Clear Rail (for ball to get from shooter to play field)
(8) – Post (2 x 2 Lego Rounds with Pinball White Rubber) – You choose available parts and colors (Blue, Green, Red, Grey, let me know..)
(10) – Rubbers Bands (Orange, not shown or other colors if available)
(2) – Plastic White Balls (Please don’t try a metal ball as they tend to knock stuff down too easily – yes we tried it!)
(300) – Any Lego Bricks and colors you want ( 2 x 2, 2 x 4, Rounds, Bricks, Transparents, Extra Tiles, Plates, Etc – Hundreds of options available – I show several tupperware of just a few example parts but have tons more NEW LEGO PARTS available)
(300) – 2 x 4 Used Compatible Brick tiles (Black, Blue, Grey, Red are only options for now, 2 x 4 LEGO Brand Tiles would double the price of this kit so opted not to use them. Let me know if you want pure LEGO as it is possible but costly)

In the Pictures I show an example layout built in a custom black case which is NOT included but will be available separately

What to expect after ordering:

Please contact me after purchase with the list of colors you want for the Main Board and Customized Parts you want for your kit. This will give me prep time to pull those out for your visit.
Also I need time to build your Main Board out and get some parts in stock (depending on your colors etc), possibly may need 1 – 4 Weeks. Though I may have some stock on hand for some setups, I will let you know either way ASAP.
Once the Main Board is ready we can setup a time to meet and you can pick it up and all your specific parts (posts, tiles, etc..)
The Main thing is just let me know what your looking for and will do my best to build it that way. (Special Themes, Colors, Types of Parts)

For Seattle Area I will make arrangements with my buddy there. He will have parts and stock on hand as well.

Any Questions, please let me know!!

If you order 10+ we can potentially deliver them up to several hours from Spokane or Seattle Area, possibly out of Washington. Extra travel fees may apply depending on distance.

SHIPPING IS POSSIBLE – If you really do want this and can’t get to WA cities, I can ship the kit WITHOUT the Main 40″ x 20″ board and you can build that part yourself (not too hard). Cost would be $200.00. I will create a separate listing to buy that with instructions if anyone is interested. Please let me know!